4 of the Quirkiest Sights in London

September 21, 2016

If you’ve been in London for a while after settling into your new flatshare, you may have found that you’re spending too much time hanging around the same attractions or you might even be wondering what else London has to offer. The city is actually full of unique attractions that often are not in the guidebooks. Below, we cover some of the most unusual and quirkiest sights in London. Read More

Iconic Literary Sights in London You Shouldn’t Miss

September 14, 2016

For hundreds of years, London has held the honor of being a literary stronghold. Many of the world’s most renowned literary masterpieces are set in the hustle and bustle of London. If you happen to be a bookworm, you will find that London also happens to be home to some of the most iconic literary sights in the world. Whether you have just moved to a new London flatshare or you have lived here for a while, it is easy to see the legacy left by many of the greatest writers, including Dickens and Shakespeare. Below are just a few of the best literary attractions in London. Read More

The Best and Most Unknown Things to See in London

September 7, 2016

While many of the most well-known sights in London are considered to be the best sights to see upon your arrival in the British capital, there are actually many less known sights that are certainly worth your time.

Ceremony of the Keys
If you’re looking for a wealth of history, this is it. For 700 years, the Ceremony of the Keys has taken place every evening in the Tower of London. The lantern lit ceremony is actually the oldest military ceremony in the world. In order to attend the event; however, you will need to plan in advance and send a request in writing with several dates that will work for you. The request should be sent to the Ceremony of the Keys Office at the Tower of London along with a self-addressed envelope. Read More

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