The Best and Most Unknown Things to See in London

September 7, 2016

While many of the most well-known sights in London are considered to be the best sights to see upon your arrival in the British capital, there are actually many less known sights that are certainly worth your time.

Ceremony of the Keys
If you’re looking for a wealth of history, this is it. For 700 years, the Ceremony of the Keys has taken place every evening in the Tower of London. The lantern lit ceremony is actually the oldest military ceremony in the world. In order to attend the event; however, you will need to plan in advance and send a request in writing with several dates that will work for you. The request should be sent to the Ceremony of the Keys Office at the Tower of London along with a self-addressed envelope.

The Prime Meridian
For many people, settling into a new flatshare in London is the culmination of a dream. You might not be aware; however, that by traveling to London, you can actually straddle the globe. This is because the Prime Meridian passes through London near the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Simply place one foot on one side of the lien of zero longitudes and one foot on the other side and you will be standing in two different hemispheres.

Historical Labyrinths
Some of the most famous sights in London are below the surface. Take a trip to Chislehurst Caves in the suburbs of London to attend a lamp-lit guided tour. The labyrinths were first mined for chalk; however, in more recent years they have been used for a variety of purposes, including as an air-raid shelter, and a backdrop for such well-known performers as Pink Floyd, Hendrix, David Bowie, and The Rolling Stones.
Sir John Soane’s Museum
Plan to visit the museum on the first Tuesday of the month to take a candlelit tour. Sir John Soane, the architect of the Bank of England, amassed an impressive collection of antiquities, paintings, and other items. Two tours are offered; at 6 pm and 9 pm, but it is recommended that you arrive early.

Settling into a new city can take some adjustments. Knowing where to find the best attractions can make moving to a new city a bit easier. Love-UK is available to help you find the perfect new flatshare in London to make your move more convenient.

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