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You can move between properties if you need to change location
Young professional flat mates (networking helps get a better job)
Rent your room hassle-free
Rent payments go through your Love UK bank account
Your deposit is a hassle-free refund
No hidden charges, all bills are included.

Rooms For Rent In London

Renting a place in any major metropolitan city in the world is not very difficult; but to rent a place that is ideal in many ways is next to impossible. Renting a room in London may prove to be a tough task, and tourists that are not well informed are often victim to hardships and bitter experiences. Of the many western countries, the United Kingdom is truly multicultural, and every visitor to this great country has different experiences to narrate.

The undeniable fact that it is quite an expensive country makes it all the more necessary for you to receive the right advice so that you don’t end up spending more than you planned for your budget and burn a hole in your pocket. We provide a room for you in London which would enable you to stay in a location that is easily accessible and at the same time quite affordable. However, if you have decided to stay at one of our facilities, you will be pleasantly surprised. While providing valuable information that makes you feel at home, we also offer excellent customer service.

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You may find a place to your liking to live in, but the ‘customer service’ is one area that often leaves a lot to be desired, in general. A cursory look at the experiences people who travel have in foreign lands will often reveal complaints about poor customer service. We find most people love the place even though it does not have the right kind of services. For instance, our prompt maintenance team takes care of breakdowns in our properties, be it electrical or mechanical, and will fix the issues on first call.

Our courteous staff will help you during your stay in London and once you have voted in favour of our properties and have planned to stay in our facilities.

The price includes all the bills; however the internet is free of charge.
Once you’ve decided to stay in London, we address your utmost concerns, such as the expenses that you might incur and help make your stay affordable on our properties, and also ensure a safe stay, providing access to places of importance.

Zones 1-3

We provide rented rooms in London across three zones, which in turn have wide range of options and you may decide to choose a place of your convenience based on the proximity to your workplace. As a young Professional you would want to stay close to your work and all the exiting places to visit.

For instance, if your workplace is on the Warwick Road you may choose to stay in the Earl’s Court under Zone1. If you are visiting a friend in West Kensington, then you may stay in our West Kensington1 which is two minutes from the underground station under Zone2. Similarly, we have many locations across the city in various zones providing convenient access and comfortable stay at affordable prices.


Living in London is both an exciting and challenging experience. It’s a city where culture, entertainment, and multiculturalism come together in one immense place. This is why finding the correct place to live is key to getting the most out of the city. Let us provide you with the best accommodation services in London.

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