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At Love UK, we do our best to make our clients (corporate and professional tenants) happy, providing great furnished rooms, valuable information and offering excellent customer service, allowing them to have a wide range of options when deciding where to live in London.

It is very important to find a nice place to live, but it is still more important to receive excellent service when having any maintenance issues. For example, you won’t have to wait a whole month to have the washing machine fixed in case it breaks down, but more important all our rooms come with the bills included, that means you won’t have to be chasing your flatmates to get the money to pay the bills. We understand that you need to be focused on your new career challenge.

The UK and especially London is a city full of different experiences due to its multicultural nature. It is true that it’s an expensive city, but with the right advice, you will always be able to get access to everything in the best way possible.

We are convinced that we will be able to help in out in your London experience, new life or even your short stay (6 Months)  🙂

We are property managers. Our Model is pretty simple: we lease a property from a landlord on a 3 to a 5-year agreement, and then we rent out the rooms to working professionals. We make sure we do all the hard work so the landlord doesn’t have to.


  • German Gomez              –    Team Leader
  • Daniela Camacho          –    Advisor
  • Adriana Gomez             –    Financial coordinator
  • Melanny Villamil          –    Property Manager & Customer Care
  • Jennifer Ariza                –    Lettings Negotiator
  • Jesica Gouveia               –   Lettings Negotiator
  • Wilson Blanco               –    Maintenance Team Member
  • Juan Benavidez             –    Maintenance Team Member
  • C & J                                –    Cleaners Team



Find out how much your property is worth, please leave your details on the form on your left and one of our team members will call you shortly

If you are tired of traditional state agencies (fees, time to get rented, etc..)  We can rent your property directly from you for a fixed-term tenancy, paying you a guaranteed rent (even if we have your property empty, we still pay you the rent 100%), if not higher, than market rates. We also provide a full management service.

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