Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ For Tenants or Potential Tenants 

What type of accommodation do you offer?
Our properties are houses and flats with rooms available for corporate and professional tenants. You just have to select what area of the city you want to live and what type of room you want to have. All the bills are included in the price. To make it even better we provide Free WiFi and Free Weekly Cleaning Service.

What type of rooms do you offer?
Our rooms are single, small double, double and massive double. Most of our rooms are for a single use only.

What furniture do you offer?
It depends but normally bed, bedside table, desk, chair, lamp, wardrobe, and chest of drawers

Do you provide all kitchenware?
Yes. We provide everything you need including cutlery, crockery, utensils, pots and pans, a kettle, a toaster, a microwave and other essential items.

Where are the properties located?
All our properties are located in London, Zones 1, 2, and 3. Central and West of London.

What is included in the rent?
The price you are paying includes all the bills: council tax, electricity, gas, and water. A house cleaner (once a week) and Wi-Fi Internet is FREE of charge.

How often does the cleaner come?
The cleaner comes ones a week, cleaning service is provided for FREE as long as the service is not abused (e.g. leaving dishes etc.).

What sort of people do you rent your properties to?
Our tenants are working corporate and professionals generally in their late 20s to mid-30s.
We rent rooms to the type of people who we think are a good match for our current tenants.

Are your tenants from any specific country?
No, actually we have tenants from all over the world, generally, the majority are from the United Kingdom.

Can we decide who moves in if a room comes available in our house?
We let our tenants to get involved with viewings if they want, but, we will need to approve of any potential tenant before moving in.

Is it mainly guys or girls on each property?
We try and keep a mix of guys and girls wherever possible, but if there is a house with more girls and a room comes available we will try to get another girl if the current tenants would prefer.

Is there a limit to the number of people you put into a property?
Yes. Actually, as we mentioned before we do mainly 1 single tenant per room.

Can I have a friend or relative staying over in my room?
Yes, of course, it is your home, the only thing you need to do before bringing someone to stay over is getting your flatmates to approve it and dropping us an email to let us know. Very important is that we do not allow people sleeping in the sofa or communal areas.

Is there a deposit?
Yes. You must pay a 1-month deposit before checking in. The deposit will be returned when you decide to no longer stay with us and as long as you have complied with all the rules and Terms & Conditions detailed in the agreement. Your deposit Can not be used as the last month rent.

Can I leave before my contract expired?
Yes of course but unfortunately your deposit will not be refunded, if you would like to keep your deposit, you are more than welcome to get your replacement, this person must pass our referencing process.

Do you offer airport transfers?
Yes. You just need to book a transfer by sending us an email letting us know the day and time you arrive or leave, and from or to which airport. (Upon availability)

Payment Information?
We accept money transfer, Card payments, and website online payments.
* The Charges for an international Transfer will be paid by the tenants.

Do you refund the payment if withdraw my application?
The Fee of Intent already paid will become part of dilapidation’s deposit, and is non-refundable if you withdraw.



What type of properties do you get? 
We get properties from 2 beds up to 6 bedroom properties, we are always looking to get more units.

How quickly do you make an offer, and how do you value my property? 
We can make you an offer in 1 day, we will visit your property to do a valuation, in the visit we will tell you more in details about our model, within 24 hours you will get an offer and finally if agreed to our offer we will send you a contract to sing in the same day.

What type of contract do we use with our landlords? 
We provide a company let agreement which has been done for our business model, this makes LOVE UK your sole tenant for the period of your contract (typically 3-5 years) and gives us the authority to manage the property on your behalf. If you would like to manage your property yourself, we could talk through but the only thing we need is that you get things sorted pretty quickly, then our tenants won’t feel the 4 steeps maintenance issue process. (tenant-loveuk-landlord-loveuk-tenant).

Do I have to wait until LOVE UK find tenants before getting rent payments? 
No. We’re your tenant so we pay you the rent whether the property is empty or not. This is the beauty of our model and that’s why London Landlords are loving us 🙂

Would I receive the rent directly from LOVE UK? 
Yes, you will, as we mentioned before we are your sole tenants.

What if one of LOVE UK tenants do not pay the rent, would the landlord would still get the rent? 
Yes, 100%, chasing the tenants for rent would become our problem. (we have a very low late payments rate)

Are there any hidden charges for using your service? 
Nop, we make our profit on the differential between the rent we pay you and the rent we collect from our tenants after paying all the bills (we provide our tenants will all bills included prices) and the weekly cleaning. ( your normal maintenance responsibilities are pass to you but sometimes we even do things without charging you).

Would I have any problem with my mortgage provider with your company let agreement? 
Not really, but to be safe we always recommend before signing the agreement, checking with your bank to make sure you won’t have any problem.

How can I be sure that everything is agreed in the contract is been done? 
We do formal inspections every six months to all our properties, if you request it, we can also forward you the inspection report. To have also a better follow up, our cleaners make sure we get info if something is not in order on a weekly bases.

What happens if LOVE UK tenants damage the property? 
We LOVE UK are your tenants, we will have to make sure this issue is rectified, but if it is not the landlord responsibility, if it is ( as the boiler) we will notify you and make sure we get it sorted.

How do you guys find tenants and how are they referenced? 
We do a proper referring process, they have to provide the following: Proof of Employment, Previous landlord Reference, Proof of Address, Visa if they need a visa to be legal in UK, finally if we think after all the documents that they are not the right fit for our property we will not go ahead with the application.

If you would like to speak with one of our Team Member please make sure you submit your details